Dear Fairy Model Mother: Is My Height Holding Me Back?

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Hello lovelies! It's your Fairy Model Mother here. Long time no see. Don't take it personally. It's purely my fault that I've been M.I.A. But I'm back with some much needed advice. Today's question comes from Ticia, a 20-something Brooklyn girl who's concerned about being vertically challenged. Here's what she has to say:
"I am deeply interested in becoming a "commercial" model (mostly due to height, I'm 5'8"). Do you have any advice on how to get started and how to find the right agency in New York City? It seems that all the agencies I've come across have a height requirement I don't fit into - should I try my luck anyway? I don't mind having doors slammed in my face in the pursuit of something I really want, I just want to make sure I am going in the right direction."


Denim & Curves

Monday, October 6, 2014

Ladies and Gentleman. Boys and girls. I'd like you to meet my hips and thighs. A while ago I didn't know they existed but now... hello! Tell me if this has ever happened to you. A few months back I noticed my old jeans were getting a little tighter. I tried to shimmy my way into them. I'd lie on my bed, take a deep breath, and slowly zip them. But once I stood back upright, I knew that these suckers weren't going to be the most comfortable thing to wear all day. I know this isn't something you normally hear from a model chick, but I'm all about keeping it real. My super-skinny low rise jeans were giving me a muffin top. Me! I knew I'd gained a little weight... not enough to make my lady cushioning billow over my pants. Unless, the problem wasn't me. It's the jeans.


Electric Blue

Friday, October 3, 2014

Blue is definitely one of my favorite colors, but I’ve never figured out how to incorporate that into my makeup options until now. This look is a far cry from the crazy blue shadow women wore in the 80s. It’s precision and sophistication make this liner desirable. The blue is alluring and really brings the focus straight to my dark brown eyes. Who knew this color could be edgy and flirty at the same time. What else can I say about this look? It’s electric!


NYFW:What I Wore

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

If you're going to make an appearance at Fashion Week, you'd better make an entrance. For this past season I showed off pieces that ranged from my usual stripes to really, really colorful patterns. Yes you can go super casual to the shows, but everything you wear should look polished and effortless. I think I accomplished that. The point is to look like yourself, but a slightly cooler version of yourself. You don't want to look like you're wearing a costume or like someone else picked out your clothes. It's ok to be a little over-the-top as long as you feel confident in what you're wearing. Don't do somebody else. Do you! So here's a collection of me doing my best me...