"The Fashion Industry Does Not Define Her"

Friday, July 18, 2008

   Sitting outside of my friend's skate boutique TRU Gallery, I noticed a number of pretty girls walking by with their books. I observed all of their comings and goings for an hour, and obviously they had some casting.  While all of the guys on the block were drooling over them, I was thinking about what makes these anonymous girls tick.  What does the average model actually do everyday?  I'm a model, and I have friends that are models.... but I really have no idea what most of us really accomplish in 24 hours.
    Before modelling, I had a life that included going to a normal job everyday and looking forward to watching Smallville every Thursday night.  B-O-R-I-N-G!  Now I'm jet-setting around the world for shoots with Givenchy... total lie!  I actually spend most of my time marketing myself and emailing people for work. Yes, I do have an agent for that but a little self promotion doesn't hurt anyone.
      We all do things to help us get through the everyday drudgery, and a couple of model BFFs have turned their vehicle for release into art.  Apple and Michelle transformed art night with painting and pina coladas in Apple's garage into "Feed A Model."  The idea allows the girls to create beautiful paintings, sell their art, and then donate the proceeds to charity.  They have their whole hearts in the campaign, and I'm definitely inspired.

   The reality is that fashion isn't always glamorous, in fact, it's pretty shallow sometimes.  I find solace by writing about my experiences, while the ladies of Feed a Model paint to keep themselves sane.  And trust me, we all need to release some tension.  As my friend Courtney pointed out on another blog,  "One of my best homies is a model. She was a tv producer before she followed her dream to be a model. She however knows it's a fickle industry... The fashion industry does not define her. "
And I remind myself of that all the time.



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Stephanie M. Taylor said...

Liking the revamp of your site...YOUR site...hell yeah! It's awesome, and congrats on getting the notice it deserves!