Starving for Fashion

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Photo Courtesy of The Wall Street Journal

    This is Tatiana. She's a pretty girl with aspirations of being a model. According to her, she's been scouted by Elite, Ford, Click, and even ANTM. Tatiana is 6'2'' and a size 4, but one thing industry folk think she needs to do is lose weight.

My blood pressure just went up again as I wrote that. She needs to do what? Yeah this 18-year-old amazon has been told that she needs to lose weight in order to work in this industry. The powers-that-be have told Tatiana she needs to look more "heroin chic," and slim down her 28'' waist and 36'' hips to the 24'' and 35'' industry standards. She attempted taking laxatives to lose the weight, but now she's on a cabbage soup and fruit diet. I'm so bothered by this. 
    I've been around girls that starved themselves to get work. I've known a few who did the coke and laxative diet. Yes, they used COCAINE and took LAXATIVES to get skinny.... and one of them was at least 6 feet tall. When you're that height, you are not supposed to be a size 2.  When an agent told me to lose a couple of inches from my hips, I yelled at him and said that real women are meant to have curves. 

See, Naomi eats!  Photo Courtesy of Vice Magazine

   So when is the fashion industry going to learn that lesson?  Is it going to take another girl starving herself to death for fashion to realize that the extremely skinny model is a negative image?  Women can't even go shopping or flip through magazines without feeling self conscious about their weight because of these skinny chicks.  

    I'm trying to get in shape for the season, but I'm not trying to lose any weight.  Women need to learn that it's not about shedding pounds, but about looking good and feeling even better.  All I can say is that you shouldn't starve yourself for fashion....  it's not worth your health.




Brigitte said...

My jaw dropped when I read that they asked that girl to lose weight. Unf*cking believable!

Bombchell said...


Anonymous said...

u don have to yell at ur agent. If u want to be a model , lose it. And if u don want to , then don be a model. As easy as it is... U don get paid for just posing, idiot.