Walk The Line

Thursday, September 25, 2008

    LA Fashion week is almost upon us, so I'm heading to castings. I dread runway castings,  because you never really know what the client wants but you have to try to please them anyway. At these castings, directors have asked me crazy things like not to move my hips when I walk or to walk like I really don't care about the world. I tend to break under pressure like that, so my walk for my audition is never how I actually walk during a show.

    Castings are rarely ever fun. You go to the casting that you've been "requested" for only to wait in a long line behind other girls who've also been "requested." The whole time you're waiting to be called, you're constantly sizing up your competition. You finally get in to walk for the casting director who's already seen you walk a thousand times, but he doesn't remember your name. You walk a few times to try and wow your onlookers. The audition ends as you all say the usual "thank you." 

    Ultimately the designer and casting director pick the same girls they do every season.  Too bad, because you really tried this time.  Oh, and try not to reflect too long on the experience, because you've gotta high-tail it to the next casting.  



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courtney said...

Good luck this week! Put some booty in it...then they cant help but cast you.