The Phoenix and the Sword

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Photography by Christian Shorter

Ever since I was a teenager playing Mortal Kombat in arcades and pizza joints, I've wanted to be an action star. Hero or villain. That doesn't make a difference. I just want to kick ass and look cool doing it.

Call it luck. On my way to find a cool spot to snap a few pictures, I ran into my neighbor Jim. He said he knew of a great place and took me to Shaolin Taekwondo around the corner. He starts pulling out all these knives and swords for me to play around with. To my good fortune, Jim actually teaches a martial arts and sword training class for actors there. Score!

After a few pointers, wielding those weapons of annihilation felt so natural. It's like the instant I picked up a sword, the force was with me. I must have been a ninja in another life.



Charlene said...

LOl! I had to comment on this post! It brought back the memories of me and my sister playing Mortal Kombat for hours on end!

Stan said...

I have loved swords since Star Wars and karate movies. I'm still itching for a good sword fight like Crouching Tiger!