Music Monday: Luna Angel

Monday, June 20, 2011

Good music and good people are still alive and kicking.  Case in point: Luna Angel.  With a name like that, you know she's destined for greatness.  
Luna hails from the Bay area, but she's been cultivating her sound right here in LA.  I first met Luna years ago through designer phenom Melody Ehsani.  Through her kind demeanor and style, I could tell instantly that Luna's an artist and that she has a beautiful soul.  
Check out Luna Angel's new video "The City is Still Mine" directed by Stephanie Owens.  Shot on a Saturday in downtown LA, the video is all about a girls' night out.  Luna's voice and her flair really capture the Cali vibe.  And I love the outfit!

Luna, you are an angel.  The universe is yours.  Keep doing your thang, girl!  
Big dreams covered in city lights...
 You can download "The City is Still Mine" for free here

Shout out to DJ Lady Sha for that cameo.  I see you, mama!


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