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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Holiday look from Target Style
Model Liberation will be back next week with more fashion and festivities.  Until then, celebrate the season with the ones you care about.  Spread some love and joy this year!
Happy Holidays!


Last Minute Shopping... Ho ho ho!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Ok Santa's Little Helpers, the countdown has begun. That big gift-giving-stuff-your-face-with-Red-Velvet-Cake holiday is just days away.   If you're like me and you're waiting until the very last second to get those Christmas presents, here are some cool ideas.
  • For the special woman in your life whether it's your mom or best friend, try diamond earrings.  Hit up a few discount stores to find these babies for the right price. 
  • The civilized gentleman, what about this great decanter set. It's perfect for entertaining with class.  Or even this monogrammed leather journal. Who needs a smartphone when you can write things down in style.
  • For the workaholic who needs to relax at home, scented candles and a diffuser can set the mood.
  • The music lover can never have too much holiday music.  This acoustic Christmas music by singer-songwriter Hope is filled with angelic sounds sure to get you in the spirit.
  • Try giving the gift of a book for the kids in your life.  I'm definitely snagging this one called "I Love My Cotton Candy Hair" by Nicole Updgraff. Perfect for cuddling up by the fire and reading to my nieces.
Good luck to all of you who are still fighting those long shopping lines. I'm right there with you. Remember, sharing is caring.


Room For One

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

"Sorry, we've already got someone who looks like you."
The hunt for the perfect modeling agency can be tough, especially if you're a model with a very specific look.  Trust me.  I know this all too well.
Ages ago when I was looking for representation, a friend of mine recommended I try her agency.  Keep in mind,  I have a bit of an agency phobia.  It's almost like trying out for cheerleading or pledging a sorority.  You've got what it takes, but are they going to choose you?
I sent in good photos.  I'd been working for a few years, so it's not like my portfolio was mediocre.  The agents said they were interested, so we set up a meeting.  When it was time for the interview,  I was ready.  They'd already seen my work, now they wanted to see if I looked as good in person.  The agent and I said our hellos and sat down to look at my book.  There was silence as she flipped the pages.  I got nervous.  After a few minutes she looked back at me with a sense of approval, but the decision to sign me wasn't completely up to her.  She had to talk with the head of the agency.  So I waited... 
 The verdict was in.  While they were willing to sign me to one of their divisions, they were not interested in signing me across the board.  What?! Why?  Because the agency already represented another model with freckles. 
I was annoyed.  Perturbed.  I've met this other model they were talking about.  Yes, we both have freckles, but we are completely different women.  She is 5'7'' and I'm 5'9''.  She's got long straight hair while I keep mine short and natural.  She books more ethnically ambiguous, girl-next-door jobs and I book the African American edgy jobs. 
This story is common with ethnic and minority models.  While many agencies will have dozens of blonds and olive-skinned brunettes who look alike, there just isn't room for too many redheads, Latinas/Latinos, Asians, dark-skinned Africans, or even spotted models on the roster.  It's as if agencies are just trying to meet a quota and aren't interested in real diversity.  What the agents and model managers fail to realize is that representing multiple models of different ethnicities and backgrounds is actually what can set them apart from other agencies. 
No two models are alike.  We may have similar features, but we are not the same.  It's a bit disappointing that sometimes other people can't see our uniqueness.  That just means that it's up to us to differentiate ourselves whether it's through our work or our style. 
We may fall from the same sky, but each snowflake is one of a kind.  Pay attention to detail.


Make a Statement: Winter White

Thursday, December 15, 2011

The look: 
"FASHIONISTA- She naturally has a stylish New York City appearance without trying too hard. FASHIONISTA should be beautiful, but she's not a stick thin New York City typical model type. She's the kind of woman who you want to curse because she can pull off anything, outfit wise. She exudes style effortlessly." - Taken from a recent an audition notice. 

Who says you can't wear white in the winter. I paired this ivory blazer with a striped baby doll top, and sleek skinnies. The bold Africa Earrings by Melody Ehsani and the Jeffrey Campbell boots really give this outfit some edge. 

Tempted to try your own Blazing White look?  KisforKinky has great tips on winterizing your favorite white pieces.  


Dear Fairy Model Mother: Can a Shorty Be a Model?

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Just the other day I was talking with a good friend about her modeling career.  She's a beautiful woman with very striking features: gorgeous eyes, a strong jaw line, and soft ivory skin. She's modeled for Abercrombie and Fitch, worked with Bruce Weber, and done tons of hair and beauty campaigns.  And guess what?  She's a shorty!
Different types of modeling have different requirements.  So, get in where you fit in.  Read more details on what's the perfect height for runway, beauty, and lifestyle at KisforKinky.


The Model Bag

Friday, December 9, 2011

Photo by Jon Cottam

When you're a working model, sometimes you've got to get glam on the go.  Last minute castings.  Commercial auditions. Go-sees. Whatever it is, you've got to be camera-ready and ready to roll.  So it helps to have the perfect bag filled with goodies that can take you from drab to fab.
Model friends always laugh at how prepared I am.  Some of them go as far as calling me momma.  Well, that's Fairy Model Mother to you.  You never know when you'll need some last minute bronzer to make your face look sun-kissed for that Hawaii tourism commercial.  Or what about some eye cream, Visine, and concealer to cover up the fact that your boyfriend just dumped you over the phone right before the biggest casting of your career.  Right?!

Steve Madden, Clinique, The Body Shop, Carol's Daughter
On the go beauty for the working model.


First, I start with a cute hobo or satchel that can carry all my stuff without weighing me down.  Then I pack it full of lip balm, cocoa butter, mascara, and a small makeup compact.  *Make sure to stick with a neutral palette.*  When I need a little extra help, I pack my Minimergency kit that includes nail polish remover, dental floss, and even supplies for unexpected lady problems.  Top all of this off with facial towelettes and a skin refresher, and I'm good to go!
Even if you're not a model, these things come in handy.  You can never be too prepared.
So, tell me... what's in your bag?


That's Not Her Butt!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Attack of the Virtual Dolls: H&M

Girls love playing dress up.  Girls love playing with dolls.  Über fashionable retailer lets you do not online, but there's a problem.  
The clothing store did everything it was supposed to do.  It hired models.  Took photos of them in different outfits.  But see, H&M did something very wrong.  Instead of changing out the models completely for various looks, the company just switched out there heads.   And not just for lingerie and swimwear, but for the entire online experience across the board. 
"It’s not a real body; it is completely virtual and made by the computer,” says H&M press officer Hacan Andersson.
 Obviously models are interchangeable.  We are all the same height, same weight, and have the exact same body type. I've perused on other sites that allow shoppers to try clothes on a variety of models with different shapes, so that the shopper can see if the item of clothing will actually work for them.  H&M took a far different approach. 
Let's have a little fun playing  with the virtual dolls....

While I love H&M for their cool style and affordable clothes, the virtual dolls are not the business.  Although the company claims it didn't intend to mislead customers, it obviously did.  
After  playing with the "dolls" and trying on clothes, I'm still wondering... who's body is that anyway?  Could the real H&M mannequin please stand up! 
Sound off:  Do you think companies like H&M should continue using virtual models instead of real ones?


Karlie Takes It Off... And I'm Not Feeling It

Monday, December 5, 2011

Just months after her implied topless spread for Allure, model Karlie Kloss is at it again.  Oh boy.  This time the 19-year-old has stripped down for Italian Vogue.  Sorry fellas, I'm just not that into it.  I've discussed this whole nudity thing before, so I won't go there again.  If that's a model's choice, then so be it.  I'm going to rant about something else.
The editorial is titled "Body by Kloss" and some are dubbing Karlie the new body à la Elle MacPherson. Ok, but there's a big difference.  Elle had and still has a body that both men and women drool over.  She made everyone envious of those long legs and lean curves.  At the same height Elle weighs in at 36-24-36, and Karlie 32-23-34.5.  Big difference!
In the past, Karlie's been accused and being anorexic and I can see why.  Images of her in clothes look just fine, but when the couture comes off it's a different story. While Karlie is a beautiful girl,  I just don't think her physique is anything to go gaga over.  She's got got great muscles and long limbs, but... CAUTION: no curves ahead!

Check out NSFW video and see for yourself.

The models of late seem to be getting slimmer and slimmer.  From the Victoria's Secret runway to nude spreads in magazines, these girls just don't add up to the bodies of the supermodels I grew up idolizing.  I really think images of super skinny bikini and lingerie models send out the wrong message to women and girls.
Chime in.  Do you think I'm just hating and overreacting? Or do you think fashion needs to bring back the real amazons?


Dear Fairy Model Mother: College or the Catwalk?

Photo from the New York Times
Your mom wants you to go to a prestigious university, but you'd rather be posing for the camera. Is it possible to juggle modeling and college?  Check out this week's Fairy Model Mother in KisforKinky.