Make a Statement: Tiger Print

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Deciding what I'm going to wear to a special event is never as simple as I'd like it to be.  I had my eye on this once sequins animal print dress for months, and it was finally on sale.  I even had dreams about the thing.  But when it came down to the wire, I decided not to spend the money on the dress and opt for an oldie-but-goodie.  

Enter my  Hourglass Lilly Tiger print dress.  It's a classic long-sleeved wrap style that flatters my figure and with those tiger stripes, it never looks drab.  I paired it with cute Mossimo glitter heels, a vintage brown clutch and rhinestone earrings I swiped from my mom's closet years ago.  The old gal's got good taste. 

That special event I got all done up for... the NAACP Image Awards. Taye Hansberry of Stuff She Likes was my date for the evening, and she was knocking them dead in her dress too.  I think we represented pretty well for young Black Hollywood.  

Are you a fan of animal print?



Amma Mama said...

I love Cheetah Print. That's my favorite animal print!
You two look so pretty and classy!

Nik of said...

In love with that dress!

vonnie (socialitedreams) said...

i love your dress! i never see tiger print, always leopard. would be fun to see more things in that print :D

Krisbliss said...

Love the dress!


cheetah print dress said...

What a lovely dress! Tiger print is really lovely!