It's a Thin Line, Vogue Italia

Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Bad

The Good
For a split second when I heard that Joan Smalls had landed the latest cover of Vogue Italia, I was ecstatic.  Joan became the first black woman to grace the cover in four years.  But when I actually saw the spread called Haute Mess, I was sick to my stomach.  This fashion editorial makes a parady of a certain part of African American culture, and it's despicable.  Why oh why does the same magazine that gave us the famous Black Issue present us with this buffoonery?

It seems like for each great thing Italian Vogue creates, it does something equally as offensive. Vogue highlights black models and artists, but then refers to a style of jewelry as "slave earrings". Vogue discusses the emergence of natural hair on the runways, but then prints this Haute Mess editorial. You cannot speak highly of my heritage and then spit in its face with the same mouth.

As a model, I thank Vogue for all that is does for fashion. This iconic magazine has created some of the most memorable images in existence. But as a black woman, I am ticked off that Vogue continues to unapologetically offend my people. Stop hiding behind excuses like this is a mistranslation or cultural difference. No, this is pure racism. Don't get it twisted. The minstrel show is over!

Sound off: What do you think of the Vogue Italia spread Haute Mess? Homage or Mockery?




A MOCKERY!!! I agree & their excuse was that they were making fun of drag queens (which is still wrong &
I'm sure Rupual would highly dissagree because no one on Drag race looks like that mess). When I first seen this I instantly thought of the movie with Halle berry BAPS similar to this spread they both were awful & disgrace :) chev

Vix said...

Nikia, why does Vogue Italy continuously get away with this?

Vogue has some gorgeous images, but they sometimes push it.