Chester French's Black Girls...Hmmm?

Monday, April 23, 2012

Before I even begin, let me warn you this video is NSFW.  There's lots of skin, sexual sitations, and girl-on-girl action. But that's not what has me all flustered.

Rock duo Chester French has a thing for black chicks and they're proudy proclaiming it in their song appropriately called "Black Girls". The video stars femme fatale Rie Rasmussen lip sincing nearly naked and fully naked about liking ebony-skinned women. Enter model Jodie Smith as the object of Rie's affection. You see closeups of Rie's face and Jodie's mouth. The two play a seductive game which finally leads to a horizontal tango. It's seductive, sexy, and risqué.

"This ain’t no fetish, ain’t objectifying no one. I reject your deconstruction of my taste."
I get it. Black women are beautiful. For Chester French, we're the flavor du jour. But this project makes me feel some kind of way. It seems like this video is intended to be an ode to feminine sexuality and interracial relationships. I  like that we get to see Jodie's sleek body and beautiful smile, but she has more to offer than her sexuality.  Unfortunately, the concept borders on objectifying black women, not a tribute to us. The video portrays us like a fetish only good for voyeurism.

*Once again, NSFW.  I you're under 18, you're not old enough to watch.

This project makes me feel uneasy.  I want to like the song, but I don't know when I will. Having a thing for black girls is all fine and dandy, but there's a better way to express your love for us. Or is it just lust?

Chime in: Do you think this video honors or objectifies black women?





Anonymous said...

Both. It honors--there's either a true appreciation here or some kind of acknowledgment of the need for there to be--and objectifies because, let's face it, these women are hot and the band is selling fantasy. Nothing wrong with either of those. This isn't about the complexity of black women. Most pop songs aren't.

Taye Hansberry said...

You know how I feel about it. I love it. It's fun sexy beautiful and well done. We talked about this yesterday. I don't think it objectifies black
Women. I agree with the comment above. It's a pop song with a pop video. Nothing more nothing less. Sometimes we as women and especially black women have to know when to separate issues from plain fun. :).

You know I love you. Kinda wish it was you in the vid. Would have been awesome!!!

Taye ;) said...

I've noticed that a lot of black women have an issue when it comes to being looked at sexually when it comes from an artistic outlook.

Life is art, nudity is art, art is exotic!

strikingly, excitingly, or mysteriously different or unusual

Maybe Chester mind was set on sex when making the video, maybe it was through a sexual encounter he realized that black women are beautiful inside and out just like any other race, but it was sex that was his door way to having a thing for Black Girls...

Despite what his motives are by making this song or video, I like the song, but can do without the girl on girl action in the video.

He is only expressing himself in an artful state of mind which has some how liberated him. Reminder I said artful not tasteful ;)

Laura Elle Wise said...

My initial thought was that the video was a bold, artistic expression of a not so foreign concept. When I saw it, the sexuality was almost an afterthought. I was more concerned with the lyrics, which as a black woman I didn't necessarily take as offensive.

After reading your take on the vid, I can definitely see where you are coming from. The fact that the sexual encounter is the point of the video begins to make me question the motives.

Overall, I like it

Great post:)

Anonymous said...

It doesn't objectify black women in particular than any other music video that features black women. I think it's tastefully done (more so than most rap videos) and the sexual encounter does not involve domination or objectification. In terms of imagery they are equally exposed...I don't see the objectification in this one...

Shon said...

Cool song, but the video could have been more creative. I agree with you that we certainly have more to offer, than our bodies and sexuality. Thank you for sharing this.