Five Essentials for Short Hair

Friday, April 27, 2012

Snip-snip. Chop-chop. When you decided to cut your hair off and go short, it's definitely a commitment that shouldn't be taken lightly.  Cropped curls and a pixie cut may seem easy to maintain, but they still require some TLC. With the help of Free Your Mane Brand Manager Dede Ford, we're breaking down five must-haves to keep your coif in perfect shape. 

1. A Strong foundation: You should find a hairstyle that fits the shape of your face and your personality.  Don't go for shaved sides if you're super conservative.  Also, try a cut that won't be too hard to keep up in between trims.

 Dede says:
"Start with a comfortable image of your hair. Your face is the beautiful picture, your hair is the frame. Hairstyles should be viewed as an accessory. Try not to get overwhelmed with hair. You always have options."

2.  Invest in a great conditioner:  You want something that will nourish your hair and moisturize without weighing it down.  Remember that since your hair is short, you won't need to use as much product as you did when it was longer.  A little bit of the right conditioner can go a long way.

Dede says:
"Start with a great shampoo and conditioning treatment. The best hair results come from a strong foundation. Free Your Mane sulfate free shampoo and two great conditioning options are super starting points."

3. Try a hair serum:  This will help your short 'do retain moisture while also warding off frizz.  Try a serum that's lightweight with essential oils like argan or baobab to nourish your tresses.  If you regimen calls for heat styling, look for a product that will protect your hair from heat damage.

Dede says:
"Depending on your approach to styling your new do, seal the deal with Free Your Mane Restorative Hair Oil. This lightweight oil packs alot of shine, moisture and frizz control without weighing your hair down."

4.  It's tool time!  Whether you like your hair sleek or full of volume, the right styling tools will help you achieve your perfect look.  If you want silky and straight hair, blow dry with a round brush and smooth with a ceramic iron.  If your hair is naturally curly, blow dry with a diffuser and use a pick to separate you spirals.

Dede says:
"No matter what tools you use to create your style Free Your Mane Reviving Spray can be applied before you blow dry as a detangler and protective spray. It is also great to moisturize, reactivate previously applied styling products and define curls in natural hair."

5.  Make your style last all day.  Puddings and pomades are my go-to products when I want to add an extra bit of texture to my hair. I just dab a little on my fingers or hands and rub together before applying to my hair.  Also, you'll  want to stay away from products with alcohol.  These will dry out and strip your hair.

Dede says:
"Make your straight style last for days by wrapping it up at night and playing with it in the morning with Free Your Mane Conditioning Pomade. For curly natural styles, make it last with your favorite gel, mouse, or leave-in conditioner. And don't forget Free Your Mane Reviving Spray and Pomade to define your coils."

 May all your short hair days be good hair days. Don't forget to show off your cute hair in the Short & Sweet Photo Contest.  It ends Sunday night.  Good luck, beauties!


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