Blank Like Bond

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Dashing. Charming. Sexy. Three words that I use to describe one man who's style has captured the hearts of moviegoers for 50 years. I'm talking about Bond, James Bond. This British secret agent is who men imagine they could be with his witty one-liners and dangerous escapades. When I was was trying to think of topics for this month's column, I would've ended up writing about being a male model. Well, you can watch Zoolander for that one. So let's take a departure from the usual Blank Like A Model and live like Bond.

Oh James Bond. Your immaculate sex appeal. Your fantastic suits. Your taste for suspense. I just can't get enough of you. Daniel Craig's 007 is truly a complex character that battles many personal demons but still manages to look fly doing it. Besides the fact that his life is constantly at risk, why wouldn't you want to be this dude? After ooing and aahing my way through the new movie Skyfall, I came up with a few simple rules so that you too can be a debonair super agent.

1. Make An Entrance - When James Bond walks into a room people notice. He doesn't have to announce himself, but all eyes are on him. Even if he crashes through a door or a train, he dusts himself off and keeps it moving. Push aside that social anxiety. The key to making an entrance is confidence. Let it breathe through your pores and let everyone catch a whiff.

2. Dress for the Occasion - 007 never looks shabby. For goodness sake, the man wears suits while chasing bad guys. He puts on a tux and ends up dodging fists and bullets. He's not afraid to get his clothes dirty. Daniel Craig's Bond sports menswear that moves with his body. Every thread looks and feels like it was tailored especially for him, and it was. In fact, Bond's suits for Skyfall were designed by none other than Mr. Sexy himself Tom Ford. Swoon. The lesson to be learned here is that if you're wearing anything by Tom Ford, you're always dressed for the occasion.

3. Accessorize - Maybe it's a gun that only fires to his touch or even a classic roadster to speed around town. Bond is never without his shiny toys. He finds the right watch or pocket square to complement his look. Bond never over-blings. When you're a secret agent, you can't be too flashy but you've got to fit in with your surroundings. So no huge gold chains or diamond rings. Remember, don't let the accessories wear you. You wear the accessories.

4. Mix Business with Pleasure - James Bond is a ladies' man who works hard and plays hard too. Somehow in his busy schedule (pronounced shhedule), he makes time for the occasional romantic rendevous. Who cares if the chick is working for the enemy. Bond is a player. As long as he doesn't get too emotionally attached, he's good. The trick to this game, as long as there's mutual respect you have nothing to worry about... unless of course someone gets killed.

5. Be Cool - Have you ever seen Bond break under pressure? Sure, he's an emotional guy who's lost the love of his life and even come back from the dead, but you've never really seen him lose his cool. Even with his hands tied behind his back with a gun pointed in his face, 007 keeps it together. How does he do it? This all goes back to confidence. If you act like you've got a lot on the line and something to lose, you will lose. But if you live like tomorrow isn't promised to you and nothing matters but that moment, you'll break out of those ropes a true champion.

Alright, my little secret agents. You've got the rules of engagement. Now go conquer your own adventures.
Style + Risk + Confidence = 007


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