Dead of Winter Hair

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

From Numero Tokyo #62 shot by Nino Munoz
Dry and brittle with split ends for days. Let me guess. The frigid weather is wreaking havoc on your normally healthy hair. Join the club. Even though the temperature in LA is fairly mild, my hair still knows we're in the dead of winter. My curls have definitely seen better days, and my usual routine just isn't working. It's gotten so bad that I'm trying to hide my hair under hats and head wraps everyday. Something's got to give. Wearing a big, furry Chewbacca thing on my head to castings or to run errands isn't normal.

A number of factors may be causing your pretty locks to shrivel up during these months. Different eating habits, the winter blues, and the change in climate are all to blame. It's a no-brainer that the cold air strips your hair of its usual moisture. But another surprising thing that's drying your coif out is indoor heating. Think about it. Warm air blowing on your goldilocks for hours. Doesn't that sound like a hair dryer? The force may not be as intense, but your hair is still feeling the damage.

Here are my quick tips to keeping your hair soft and beautiful this season: Start by not shampooing everyday. Your locks want to hold onto every bit of moisture they can get and too much cleansing will do just the opposite. Even on days that I'm not shampooing, I use a moisture-rich conditioner in the shower. As a general rule, deep condition your hair once a week or as needed. I love to overdose on conditioners rich in natural, fatty oils. If you can't find one that works for your hair type, make your own. Avocados, coconut oil, and mayonnaise are some great ingredients to start with. Put the conditioner on your hair, cover with a shower cap, and leave on for about an hour or even overnight if your typically have dry or thick hair. Once you've rinsed and towel-dried your hair, make sure the first thing you do is seal in any moisture with a serum or leave-in conditioner. This will also help protect your locks from heat styling and help tame frizz. Now you're ready to primp and go! Remember if your hair starts to look a bit limp, you can always refresh and lightly moisturize throughout the day.

Your crowning glory requires a little extra TLC in the winter, so give it what it needs. Make sure you don't use products containing too much alcohol or sulfates that will make your hair brittle. Say yes to natural, moisturizing ingredients. Eat foods that will help nourish your coif from the inside. And stop hiding underneath oversized hats and allow your hair to breathe. Let that gorgeous hair shine!


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