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Friday, January 18, 2013

The Look
Jacket - Ovi (similar)
Studded Bra- Lusts for Life
Cross Leggings- Lusts for Life
Shades- Urban Outfitters 
Earrings- Lusts for Life
Necklace - Heavenly Couture (similar)
Ring- Melody Ehsani
Studded Bracelet- Thrift Store (similar)
Shoes- Jeffrey Campbell

Bricks and concrete. Graffiti and grit. Streets and railroad tracks.  Downtown LA's industrial district is one of my favorite places to shoot. When you think sunny Cali, this place rarely comes to mind. Once forgotten and abandoned, this area is experiencing a bit of a renaissance. Creative types are moving in and brining a taste of life back to this place. But it's not completely there yet. Much like some of us, it's still in transition.

This look came together over the course of a month. I spotted these leggings on a friend and knew I had to have them. Next came the jacket. I don't normally do fringe... it's so cowboy to me. But I tried this baby on and the fit was perfect! The shoes were a no-brainer. Jeffrey Campbells are a staple in every LA chick's wardrobe. And that gold-spiked bra... killer! As far as accessories, the more the better. I practically live in these shades. They make me feel like I'm Steve McQueen. Too cool.  The cross earring feels a little George Michael from the Faith album, but I'm into it.

I like to think I'm a tough girl and I wear clothes that express that sentiment. It's like I'm untouchable. Invincible. Indestructible. I may be on a journey of self- discovery, but nothing can slow me down. Can't stop. Won't stop.

Thanks to my new partner in crime Nelly Tchayem for the awesome photography. Get 'em, girl!


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