Dear Fairy Model Mother: Should I Get Back In the Game?

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Hello, lovelies! How's life? Lately I've been running into a lot of old friends that I haven't seen in a while at castings and auditions. It's so awesome to see a familiar face when you walk into a casting office. It really puts me at ease. Anyway, a week ago I ran into a breathtakingly hot model-actor guy I've known for years. We're chatting and he says "You know, I stopped modeling over a year ago. I don't even have a print agent anymore." I'm sorry. Say what?! How is it that this super-talented, drop-dead gorgeous man who's done countless campaigns and commercials doesn't have print representation! Obviously, there's more to this...

After hearing my friend utter these words, I was floored. He explained that he'd been represented in all the major markets and done his fair share of traveling. But after being in the business for a bit, he started to grow weary. Modeling for him was a no-brainer. He could do it in his sleep. My boy longed for a challenge. He's a not just a pretty face, but a great musician and a legit actor. One day while on contract in Miami, he had an epiphany. It was literally that "What the f*** am I doing with my life" moment. So he pulled the plug on his modeling career.

I totally get it. When you need a change, you have to do it. But here's my thing, if you've got the look then you should always have someone out there making deals on your behalf. Even if modeling isn't something you want to do full time anymore, having an agent doesn't hurt your situation... it makes things better. I really feel like as a model who knows how the game is played, the longer you stay in it the more control you have over your career. You can tell your agent you only want direct bookings or specify the clients you want to work with. And that's exactly what I told my friend. To be more specific, I told him that any agent would be crazy not to represent him. The ball is in his court. He's totally bankable.

Don't waste your talents, darlings. Cash in. As always... if you need any advice, your Fairy Model Mother is here. Just drop me a line, and I've got you!


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