On Fire: Geometric Lace Bra & Knickers

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

This may be a bit intimate, but I figured I'd share it anyway. My lingerie is straight up boring. There's no color, no fun, and no va va voom. Because my job requires me to wear undies that won't distract from the clothes I'm modeling, most of my undergarments are nude, black, and blah. Deep down inside I know that I'm a sexy minx, so why not fully embrace that in this naughty lace set.

Oftentimes ladies get new lingerie on Valentine's Day from a boyfriend, husband, or boy toy. But why wait for a man to get you what you want? This triangle shaped bra with matching panties are perfectly priced for the frugal fashionista at only $36 for the set. Delicate lace detailing with a contrasting black band combine to make this look sweet and spicy. I can just imagine wearing this and dancing around my apartment while I make sexy faces in the mirror. I don't need an audience. On second thought, if you're cute, witty, and happen to appreciate my silly dance moves, you're welcome to watch. But don't kill my vibe. So back to these lacey knickers, you know what to do...



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