Run Around Town Like A Model

Monday, February 4, 2013

You wake up in the morning to multiple emails from your agent about castings, castings, and more castings. Get ready for a crazy, busy day! You have to leave your apartment in t minus 30 minutes and you've got to appear like you're ready to conquer the world. Your outfit has to be on point. Your skin must look impeccable. Oh and even if you were out late last night, you'd better look fresh as a daisy. It may sound like Mission:Impossible, but plenty of working models do this on a regular basis and look flawless. Besides being born with great genes, every model has tricks that help her or him keep up appearances throughout the day. Want to know some secrets? Listen up.

Whether I'm New York, Milan, or LA, it's always the same story. I'm criss-crossing the city trying to make it to every casting or audition I possibly can to book a job. When I leave my place in the morning, there's no guarantee I'll be able to come back between appointments. So I have to pack for the day and pack light. I'm like Mary Poppins when it comes to my model bag. I've got a toothbrush and toothpaste, my beauty kit, a little black dress, heels, a bikini, my iPad, the kitchen sink. You never know exactly what you'll need for the day, so you have to take almost everything. Make sure your beauty kit includes makeup wipes, moisturizer, eye cream, concealer, blush, and mascara. It never fails, halfway through my adventure I'll start to look tired. That's when I wipe off all the grime and start anew. Refrain from piling on the makeup. It will only make your face look weighed down. Keep it light by adding a little concealer or eye brightener for your peepers and add a pop of color on your cheeks. You'll go from looking old and haggard to young and fresh.
Another thing you've got to think about before you embark on your day is what are you going to wear? I always check the wardrobe notes on my castings and go for an outfit that's neutral. You want something that shows off your body but nothing that's too sexy. My model uniform is a pair of skinny black jeans, a white or grey tank, and black boots. I always layer with a leather jacket or a button-up shirt or maybe both for cooler days. Stray away from too many accessories and super bright colors unless your agent instructs you otherwise. You don't want to wear anything that will distract clients and take the focus away from your pretty face. Check the mirror before walking out the door. If you're looking more like Gaga and less like Kate Moss, then you need to cut it back.

When you're a working model or actress, every single day is a chance to book a campaign or commercial that could make your career. Don't let your dreams slip away from you because you're tired of the hustle. Go to every casting you can. Seize those opportunities by looking your best and being ready for a challenge. Keep your look simple and polished. Pack whatever tools you need for success. And don't let anything slow you down on your mission. I know it seems like I'm screaming out commands, but I'm so excited for what you actually will achieve. You are a shooting star, and I can't wait to see you take off. Zoom!


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