Punk at the Met

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Fashion anarchy takes control at one of the most prestigious red carpet events of the season. Ok, so I'm exaggerating a little bit, but someone still needs to call the fashion police. Last night celebs and pop icons showed their "best" at the Met Gala to kick off the Costume Institute's annual exhibit. This year's theme is Punk: Chaos to Couture. I hate to say it, but there were way more misses than hits on my style scoreboard. The good was good, and the bad was just terrible. And you already know who takes home the award for worst dressed of the night. Let's get to it...

First of all, most of the celebs played it too safe. It's like they were more concerned with looking pretty than really going with the theme. Aside from a few who really went for it like Nicole Richie in Topshop and Miley Cyrus in Marc Jacobs, everyone just looked boring. For goodness sakes, it's PUNK, people! I want sharp edges, disheveled hair, jewelry that looks like it will hurt somebody not pretty curls and chiffon. Too many stars tried to mix dark rocker beauty with girlie dresses. It just didn't work. Go hard or go home. Looks I loved : Anne Hathaway as a blond bombshell in Valentino and Jaime King with a spiked tiara and satin tux also from Topshop. No surprise that Gwen Stefani looked perfect in Margiela, but then again she's the queen of punk glam. Joan Smalls and Tom Ford weren't exactly edgy, but they rocked it wearing nothing but Tom Ford, of course.

Now for the bad...
I just can't. I have so many questions. What the h*** ?! Why in the **** ?! Who the f*** is your stylist?! I get that it's a Givenchy custom-made gown. Your new BFF Beyonce is also wearing Givenchy. Both are prints from the Fall Ready-to-Wear 2013 collection. Riccardo Tisci, creative director of Givenchy, is also one of the co-chairs for the event. But the question still remains: why did you wear this ?! Wearing your grandma's upholstery is not acceptable for the Met. Not only do you look like an actual couch, but you've got printed gloves to match. No ma'am! I can't take it anymore. Looking at this train wreck makes me ill. Come on Kanye, you've got to make sure your girl doesn't embarass you. No wonder Kim wasn't invited before. Think about your fashion legacy, 'Ye. This one goes down in history as TERRIBLE.

Chime in: Who made your best and worst list from last night's Met Gala?


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