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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Bust Magazine June/July 2013
Vacations don't really happen for me in the traditional sense of the word. I long for them like a kid longs for ice cream on a hot summer day. I'm sure I'll get to take one someday. But every now and again I get to pretend that I'm relaxing at a hotel by a pool. That's what I call hard work.

On a Monday morning when the rest of the world's on its way the j-o-b, we were taking a road trip to Palm Springs to the Ace Hotel. It's not like were taking a holiday, in fact, we did some labor for Bust Magazine. Above, there's photographer Kat Borchart shooting model Magdelena. And there's me snapping a pic in the baller suite between setups.

The glam squad was so on it! Christina was just a beast with makeup. Tony worked wonders with hair too. That guy even brought his own fan/blower so that Magdelena's hair would have some movement on set. Who does that?! Oh my... and the styling was so fantastic. Stylist Monique Bean pulled some fantastic pieces perfect that were the right mix of retro and kitschy. On a side note: besides being behind the camera in these photos, I'm actually chilling in the pool. The bosses said it was cool, so I'm just following orders.

As the day wore on and Happy Hour drew near, we all thought it was only fitting to really enjoy the amenities at the Ace. The private rockstar suite with a fireplace. Magdalena and I hammed it up in the photo booth. Then there's the wonderful cocktails you can get poolside like Adios Motherf***er I'm holding. One sip, and you're done.

It was such an awesome time with a great team at a great location. If only all work days were like this. To see the rest of the spread, pick up Bust Magazine on newsstands now.



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