My Style: After the Fallout

Friday, July 12, 2013

Imagine the earth after a disaster. Chaos is the standard. Motorcycle gangs are the new sheriffs in town. We are all just refugees wandering around in search of answers and shelter. It's a lawless land straight out of Mad Max or Book of Eli. That's the backstory for this post-apocalyptic look.

On a Sunday afternoon my friends and I decided to be renegades and explore Fort MacArthur, an old military base near San Pedro, California. Although it hasn't been used for training or defense purposes in decades, the area still feels eery as if it's haunted by the ghosts of the Cold War.

This was orignally shot by photographer Neil Sharum with hairstyling by Ruth Rivas for an upcoming jewelry line called Fallout. The accessories are mostly recycled materials and unique stones reconstructed and reimagined to be pretty yet a but rugged. The styling is along the same vein. An oversized, acid-washed denim jacket from a thrift store. Beat-up old combat boots. A black t-shirt my friend grabbed in downtown LA that had been shredded into something quite different than what it was originally made for. In a post-apocalyptic time you'd wear whatever you have and make it work.

When you're searching for an oasis after a catastrophic event, I think this is what that would look like. This is my little abandoned hideaway where I can play far from the chaos. It's a beautiful disaster.


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