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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Women's Wear Daily August 23, 2007
Looking through my portfolio is like flipping through a family photo album. You see the picture and remember the moments like it was yesterday. This particular memory takes us to downtown LA exactly six years ago. We arrived to a big, bright loft space where there were racks of clothes and just a few tables and chairs grouped together. Everyone was quiet, because it was early. All I could think was "God, I'm going to need a lot of coffee..."

I could already tell the shoot was going to be awesome. The cast of characters was killer. There's Barnett who always looks like he's too cool to be somewhere but doesn't really give a s*** anyway. I love this guy. Next there's this chick with super pale skin and dark hair named Nicolette. She's striking and lethal. If you look at her the wrong way, she'll stare you down and turn you into stone. Rounding out the models are Allison and Joe who look like the kids next door that everyone wants to hang out with but are too shy to talk to because they are that cool.

The talent on set was absolutely perfect and it wasn't just about the faces in front of the camera. Stylist Monica Schweiger picked out great pieces to create a "SoCal skater-punk edge" look featuring acid and dark washes of denim. Makeup artist Robin Glaser made sure we looked simple but tough. Instead of heavy foundation, she kept my face light with hints of shine, a little mascara, and an earthy glossy lip. And Marcia Hamilton transformed my straight hair into this gorgeous textured fro. That girl worked some magic!

The last piece in the puzzle was photographer Raquel Olivo. She didn't want us posing or trying too hard. Raquel wanted to capture the coolness. We weren't supposed to look like models. Instead of a fashion spread, this shoot just looks like portraits of street kids. We're the crew you see hanging out in Echo Park or Silverlake who went rummaging through the pile of clothes on the floor and just threw whatever on and look good in it. The thing is, that's exactly who we are.

This is still one of my favorite shoots. And the thing is, the photos don't look dated at all... which is why it's still in my book. Thanks for the memories, guys.


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