NYFW Day One

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

With Taye and Jae 
Oh hello, New York. I landed a few days ago and I've been running nonstop ever since. This city can be so exhausting, but energizing at the same time. No wonder there are those I heart NY shirts. Sad to say my trip is coming to an end. The good thing is you get to see every moment of it... ok, almost every moment. The first 24 hours were spent with my crew supporting Styled to Rock designer Ebony White at the presentation of her Spring/Summer collection.

The presentation took place near Bryant Park, the old home of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. The models, glam squad, and the designer's crew arrived early to get everything prepped. The pieces were all great. A mix of ruffled sleeves, flowing fabrics, and a few edgy elements. Backstage before and after the show, we took silly pictures to document the affair.

That's me and Jae being a little more serious once the presentation was done. In fact, I'm still wearing one of Ebony's pieces. Isn't it cute? A simple black romper with splits on the side and a soft flirty belt. And doesn't Jae look dapper? He's been working so hard doing the PR for Ebony and for Rihanna's upcoming fashion-reality show Styled to Rock.

Speaking of the show, later that night we hit the town for the Vevo + Styled to Rock party. I ran into guest judge Erin Wasson as soon as we arrived. Gracious, she's stunning. Of course, the first stop after the bar was the photo booth. That's me and Ebony. She's a petite little thing and so cute.

The party was great. I spent most of the time sitting and chair dancing because my feet were killing me. This was just the first of many long days and nights. But every day was spent with members of the best crew possible. Man, we look tough. Day two coming tomorrow.


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