Falling Whistles Angel

Friday, December 20, 2013

Living in the light is something I enjoy every day. How the light tickles my eyelids at dawn. The way it dances on my face encouraging more freckles to come out. That warm embrace you get just before the sun goes down in the afternoon. Those tiny moments help me to appreciate what I have. I don't have to worry about starving or being on the street or even warfare. I know nothing of that. My reality is quite different from the people who live in the Congo, especially the children there. All they have known for most if not all of their lives is constant violence. Can you imagine being taken from your family and forced to join a war that you don't understand? That's just the surface. It goes so much deeper than that. Let me tell you a story.

Once upon a time in a war-torn land, there were five boys. Each was ripped from the loving arms of their families and held captive. They were tortured, starved, and conditioned for violence. When the boys weren't being beaten, they were being trained to fire guns to fight in the rebel army. One day the boys escaped only to be held as enemies of the Democratic Republic of Congo by government soldiers. While awaiting their fate, they met an American named Sean Carasso and friends who were in the area on a sort of peace mission. They shared their stories of heartache and told of the fallen boy soldiers who were sent to the front lines of the battlefield without guns but whistles to deter the enemy. Those little ones lost their lives almost instantly yet the memory of that experience lived on with our five survivors. With the help of Sean and his buddies and the UN, the boys were finally able to gain their freedom. Inspired by their courage, Falling Whistles was born.

Last year for Christmas I gave a Falling Whistle to my step-dad who's been a civil rights freedom fighter since forever. I thought it was time that he spread his support to our little brothers in the Congo and let them know they are not alone. On December 10, I celebrated Human Rights Day and got a whistle of my own. I wear my whistle proudly in support of the children who don't have choice or a voice. Yes it's pretty and fashionable in it's Vintage Rose splendor, but it's more than jewelry. It's a symbol. Darlings, it's not too late to get one for someone you care about or even yourself. "Be a whistleblower for peace."

Sending my love to all the little Falling Whistles. Your spirits are there in the light. May the angels in heaven smile upon you.


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