Monday, December 23, 2013

If you got short hair, put your hands up. If you got curly hair, make noise! I rock my short hair proudly. While I do love big & curly and long & sleek looks, this little TWA fits me so well. People are constantly asking what products I use in my hair and how to style it. You know me, I'm low maintenance when it comes to this stuff. If it takes more than five minutes, then I'm not having it. But my girl Kurly Bella at KISFORKINKY came up with a great idea. Make an adorable video about hair accessories for the chick with short textured hair. Uh yeah!

As a woman with cropped curls, you may often feel like you don't have many options. You can't do as many styles as the girls with longer hair so you feel left out. I totally understand. I mean seriously, how many hair tutorials are there for short hair styles? Well, now you've got a really good one. TWAs need as much love as big hair, so that's what KISFORKINKY's giving you. The team really pulled out some tricks to make this happen. There are so many different looks for the lady who likes to toss it up and look fly. You'll see. We're going H.A.M.

Whew! Now comes the fun part. Because it's the holiday season and we're in the spirit of giving. We've got a GIVEAWAY for you. One lucky person will win all the hair accessories in the video, except for the Brooklyn hat which belongs to my girl Faith. I tried to borrow it, but that wasn't happening. Anyway, you'll get everything else including the cute Tough Kitten beanie. Oh, wait there's more. That banging orange OCC lip tar that I'm rocking at the beginning... you can win that too. Click here for details and subscribe to the new KISFORKINKY YouTube channel for more hair, fashion, and makeup videos. You know how we do!


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