Polar Bear Express

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

When I was a kid my mom used to buy me holiday pajamas. They had footsies and hoods or were really long night gowns with Christmas trees and jingle bells. At the time, mom thought I looked cute but I still felt ridiculous. For years I abandoned the idea of proper holiday sleepytime gear until now. On a whim, my BFF and I walked into Topshop and saw this polar bear onesie. We rushed to the dressing room to try them on. We looked crazy! The other shoppers were looking at us like we'd lost our minds. Could you blame them! Two fully-grown adults in polar bear onesies looking like oversized children. So what did we do? We bought them!

You can't deny how absolutely adorable this is. I wear it when I'm lounging around my apartment. I slip it on in the morning instead of my bathrobe and sip my lattes while I check emails. The onesie is cream all over and made of fleece. I've stayed warm in this even on the coldest nights. The polar bear face keeps my head nice and toasty. See how gangsta I look with my hood down. Cock it to the side like I'm sporting a Brooklyn snap back.

I've even danced around in it. I attempted to twerk like the Miley Cyrus video, but I forgot to stretch and got a cramp in my leg instead. You can see my version here. Anyway, I'm still a cool polar bear. I keep it real in my onesie. Can you imagine showing up to holiday parties in this? You'd be the sh*t! Aaaaaa! Ok, but really. It's cute, so you know what to do...



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